We have partnered exclusively with some companies to sell and promote their goods in Zambia. Here are some brief details:

Hose Manufacturers – South Africa

Hose Manufacturers are part of a very successful international group manufacturing a range of hose suitable mainly for the mining and agricultural sectors. Boreline is their flexible rising main for use in boreholes, Waterlord as their tough irrigation hose. We have worked with Hose Manufacturers for 5 years now and stock some sizes of Boreline and couplings in our facility in Lusaka.

For more details please view their website www.hoses.co.za.

Minelab – Australia

Sigma have recently been appointed as the authorised dealer for Minelab Metal Detectors in Zambia. Minelab provide leading edge metal detecting technology directly to the alluvial gold markets across Africa, the Middle East, South America, Russia and Eastern Europe. Using unique features, functions and industry leading patented technology Minelab ensure that their leading GPX gold detectors run smooth and quiet in even the most severe ground conditions, whilst still maintaining excellent depth and sensitivity to gold nuggets. The Minelab GPX range of metal detectors are directly responsible for initiating increased revenue to small scale Gold miners in Zimbabwe, the DRC, Sudan, Guinea and most recently Mali. Some models are stock in our facility in Lusaka.

For more details please view their website www.minelab.com.

Beta Tools – Italy

Beta manufacture a wide range of quality workshop tools including a spark free range for use in intrinsically safe areas in places like mines or refineries. Samples of most of their products are available to view in our facility in Lusaka.

For more details of their range please view their website www.beta-tools.com.