Worldwide Construction Machinery Limited is owned by Sigma Enterprises Ltd, UK, but has been a dormant company for about the last 7 years. In other words it has not traded at all in this time. In about March 2011 people unknown to us established a website purporting to be Worldwide Construction Machinery Limited, using their registered number and our London address but not our phone or fax numbers. On this website they were offering to sell used plant items with photographs at very attractive prices (well below market pricing) as well as offering free delivery anywhere in the world but there was one problem – inspection wasnt permitted because under this great deal if the client didnt like the item theyd bought it could be returned for a refund. Like all offers that appear to be too good to be true this one certainly was and we know from people who have contacted us that the people behind this fraudulent website have managed to take money from clients in return for nothing. We believe the plant doesnt exist and the whole website is a scam. Sigma reported the matter to the Metropolitan Police in London immediately we found out and managed to close the website whereupon another slightly different website immediately appeared until we closed that one as well, then another. We finally decided to close down Worldwide Construction Machinery Limited so that anyone possibly taken in by this scam who wanted to check the company would now find it had de-registered. Please be aware, Worldwide Construction Machinery Limited (as owned by Sigma) has never advertised any plant for sale on any websites nor will it ever do so. Contact us first if you are tempted.